August 24 2019
Level One Kayak Training Course
Event Time: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Learn to do it safely -- it could save your life.

Take part in our Level One Training Session on the beach at Pelee Wings. We promote safe kayaking!! While safety is our main concern, we'll also have a lot of fun! This is a professional instruction with certified trainers.Our students range in age from 8 years old to 75 years young.

A phone call to the store -- (519) 326-5193 and your credit card number will reserve your spot. Courses are limited to 12 students. Fees: $70 with your kayak & gear; $90 with our kayak & gear.

What You'll Learn

*mechanics of paddling and basic strokes
*launching, landing, and loading your kayak
*kayak design & theory; review of gear requirements; different kayak styles
*wet exits; self rescue, assisted rescues
*safety on the water; safety with groups
*weather, wind, and waves
*demonstration of the Eskimo roll

Bring a picnic lunch, swim suit, and a change of clothes.... plan on getting wet.