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Pelee Wings is a "Stocking Dealer" meaning the majority of these scopes

are in stock, ready to field test outdoors.

We encourage you to look through these scopes side-by-side, in real world conditions. Spend some time on our lakefront deck studying birds or boats, peer at the feeders around the neighbourhood, or at the resolution charts at various distances outdoors. Only by doing this can you make a good decision on which best suits your eyes, hands, and budget, and which one may out-perform the other. We have 50+ spotting scope models in-stock available for field testing. Our customers inform us there is no where else in Ontario where they can place 3 comparable scopes side by side and study birds on the lake to make an informed decision, and this is why they will travel here from Toronto, Ottawa, North Bay and beyond to try before they buy.

Scopes here in-stock include:  

* Swarovski * Zeiss * Leica * Kowa * Nikon

* Vortex * Pentax * Bushnell * Celestron * Vanguard 


 Although the majority of our customers are birders & naturalists, we're pleased to provide scopes and advice to our conservationist-hunter clients, target shooters, & surveillance personnel. Spotting scopes are ideal for waterfront home or condo owners (they make much more sense than astronomy scopes for enjoying the river and lakefront action). Spotting scopes can also do double duty for astronomy and studying the planets.

If you live a long distance from us and simply cannot drive in for hands-on testing of this equipment scope out the available products diplayed under "Browse Scopes" on the left side-bar of this page. Ask friends, birders, naturalists, and hunters who use scopes what they prefer and why, and look through some scopes in the field. Then call us toll-free  1-877-326-5193  or email for a consultation, a quote or details on some of the scopes you have narrowed down your search for. With over 25 years experience providing optical equipment for our customers to enjoy the outdoors we'll be happy to spend time with you and help sort-out the scopes in your price-range and for your particular use.


The ATX / STX Modular Spotting Scopes from Swarovski represent state-of-the-art optical precision. Swaro lets you mix and match a variety of components to assemble what works best for you today, then change it up for tomorrow. Say for example you're birding when close to your car and using the big bright 95mm objecticve lens on a cloudy morning looking out over the marsh at long-distance waterfowl. Then you decide to go for a long hike a few kilometers away. That's when you snap on the light-weight 65mm objective lens for instant weight reduction. Swaro has designed digiscoping adaptors specifically for these scopes that allow your scope to quickly become a hi-powered telephoto lens attached to your Digital SLR camera body.  The system offers 2 eyepieces - straight or angled, and 3 objective lenses - 65, 85, and 95mm. In addition to the Modular Scopes Swaro also offers their 65 and 80mm ATS/STS HD scopes series with aluminum bodies coming in at a significantly less price point than the modular series. A bright addition to their line-up for these scopes is the new 25-50x wide angle eyepiece which is making the former 20-60x obsolete. IPhone adaptors have been released to hook up your iPhone 6 or 7 to these scopes. (an additional adaptor ring also lets you connect the iPhone to your EL binocular).

Swaro's new BTX Occular is in stock; this is a new concept of a binocular viewer hooked up to any of the 3 X series objectives - 65, 85 or 95mm allowing use of your scope for long duration with both eyes therefore giving less eye fatigue. Check out our demo at the store - it's a revolutionary way of viewing enjoyment.




We have some Demo Swarovski models viewed and handled gently during our 23rd Annual Optics Expo & Sale last May11th. The scopes are new in the box and pristine with 100% warranty and all accessories.


DEMO SALE  Swarovski Modular Objective 65mm only  

Regular $1,259. SALE less 15% ($188.85)  Now $1,070.15




Check out the new ZEISS GAVIA 85mm spotting scope built in an angled version only, and coming in at less than $2,600. which includes a 30 - 60x eyepiece. For all details from our Zeiss webpage go to - 



straight or angled was $3,799.   now $2,499. ..... includes 15-56x eyepiece


Zeiss Harpia 85mm and 95mm Spotting Scope Body



ZEISS' new 85 & 95mm HARPIA Scopes and eyepiece have been released in August 2018; drop by to demo them outdoors.  IN STOCK. The pure fluorite crystal used in these models is the optimum optical material for reducing chromatic aberration, providing the ultimate viewing experience.

These scopes are waterproof to JIS protection class 7 and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging up internally.




KOWA'S top-of-the-line 88mm scopes use pure fluorite crystal to produce images brighter than those attainable by glass. Coupled with a magnesium alloy body to reduce weight and a new 25-60x wide angle zoom eyepiece, many believe the Japanese built Kowas offer the best value in hi-end scopes of any manufacturer.  Their big bright 88 and 77mm scopes come in straight or angled versions with a dual focus wheel for quick or fine focus, locking eyepiece and are nitrogen filled to be submersible waterproof.  For further weight reduction consider Kowa’s 66 or 60mm scopes. Kowa offers a wide variety of digiscoping accessories that connect your camera solidly to their scopes. (see Accessories our online offerings).  Pelee Wings maintains stock of all of Kowa’s scopes and guarantees you the Best Price in Canada.


These superlightweight scopes are receiving rave reviews for lightweight travel and are available in 50mm standard glass & 55mm pure flourite crystal hi-end versions, both straight & angled; the 5Omm comes with a 20-40x zoom eyepiece while the 55mm comes with a 15-45x zoom. All are submersible waterproof.



VORTEX Spotting Scopes are value leaders in the mid-priced premium grade optics. Their top-of-the-line Razor series are available in a large objective 85mm lens, 65mm mid-sized and lightweight 50mm compact models, all 3 with either a straight or angled eyepiece. Vortex’s amazing No-Fault Lifetime Warranty is the best in the industry. The VORTEX VIPER HD was upgraded last year with higher resolution glass and a bigger 85mm objective lens making it brighter and sharper than the original 80mm version ... all with no price increase! The VORTEX DIAMONDBACK scopes series in standard grade glass offer big savings. All Vortex scopes are submersible waterproof, include a protective cover and zoom eyepiece.

Always ask about our Best Price in Canada Guarantee on Vortex

and all Optics here at Pelee Wings



Have a look at this extensive review for details on the Vanguard edeavor 82 Angled Spotting Scope




Nikon has released their new MONARCH FIELDSCOPES in 2018, available with either a 60mm or 82mm objective lens and with 20-60x zoom eyepieces coming in at the $1,439. - $1,599. price range in straight or angled versions. Don't forget too that NIKON now offers a NO FAULT WARRANTY on their scopes & binoculars. The FIELDSCOPE 50mm ED is a great lightweight travel scope. NIKON"S standard grade glass entry level PROSTAFF 5 scopes come in at $419. to $509., plus a 20-60x zoom eyepiece at $209.

Nikon "PROSTAFF 5" straight bodies on sale:

regular $419.  SALE 15% OFF = $355.


                          CELESTRON - BUSHNELL - PENTAX - ALL HERE IN STOCK

 We offer a great variety of mid-priced scopes from NIKON, BUSHNELL, PENTAX and CELESTRON.   You’ll like our Discount Pricing on all of the models we stock.


Straight versus Angled View.

This is a very common question put to us so here's some advice. A straight view allows you to get onto your subject quicker with its direct-line-of-site view. For example, you can see the ducks way out on the river with your eyes, then lean over 2 inches to the eyepiece to get onto them quick and easy. Competitive birders prefer straights for this reason. With an angled scope one has to search more through the eyepiece with one's head down to get onto the subject as direct-line-of-site isn't possible. Angled scopes are preferable for various other uses 1) if you're looking up alot, say studying birds' nests in treetops, or astronomy 2) if you're with a group of people of various heights you don't have to move the tripod centre column up and down for various heights 3) angled scopes allow you to keep the tripod centre column slightly lower which is an advantage in windy conditions, giving less shakiness.

Digital Photo Adaptors and rings are now available from all manufacturers to attach digital cameras to their scopes.



We specialize in MANFROTTO Tripods and Heads for scopes, and bring in GITZO Tripods & Heads as special orders. We also stock VANGUARD, VORTEX & BUSHNELL Tripods.




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