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Radar 135 Center Hatch Storage Bin

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The Center Hatch Storage Bin helps to store and organize small items within reach, custom-made for the Wilderness Systems Radar 135. Featuring a compression-molded foam material that's flexible enough to fit with ease, yet rigid enough to hold items securely. The soft foam is also noise dampening so you don't spook fish while grabbing gear. FEATURES Stores and organizes items close at-hand Custom...

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Radar 135 Silent Traction Pads

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Experienced kayak anglers understand the advantages of remaining undetected. The Harmony Silent Traction System makes your kayak even more capable of sneaking up on your favorite fish by reducing the noise transmitted through the water caused by incidental contact with the hull by paddles, poles, pliers and other fishing necessities. Simply place the self-adhering custom cut Silent Traction pads in...

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Rectangular Hatch Storage Bin

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Wilderness Systems kayaks outfitted with rectangular hatches have the option of additional internal storage organization with drop-in bins. The regular design features a 4” depth to conveniently store and organize small to medium size gear and tackle. Compatible with the following Wilderness Systems models: A.T.A.K. 140 Thresher 140, 155