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Swarovski 20-60x Zoom Eyepiece

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Best Price In Canada Guaranteed. All eyepiece lenses are 100 % watertight. The fully adjustable eyecup with its large diameter opens up the full field of vision even for eyeglass wearers, providing a very comfortable viewing feel. All eyepieces are fitted with an integrated, quick-release lens cover. The new S-lenses also come with the unique SWAROTOP coating for bright and contrast-rich images, whatever...

Only $699.00

Swarovski 25-50x Zoom Wide Angle Eyepiece

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Best Price In Canada Guaranteed! Variable 25-50x wide-angle zoom - with eyepieces from Swarovski Optik you will be perfectly equipped for any situation. It offers approx 25% wider field-of-view than the standard 20-60x lens All Swarovski Optik eyepieces are watertight and compatible with telescopes of the ATM/STM, ATS/STS series and the CTS. A glass cover protects against dust and dirt even when...

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Swarovski AT 101 Aluminum Tripod

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AT 101 aluminum tripod The rugged companion Do you often have to contend with extreme conditions and need a tripod that can withstand heavy use? The AT 101 aluminum tripod is the right choice for you: not only is it extremely rugged, it also offers a unique viewing height of 190 cm / 74.8 in. LIGHTER, FASTER, MORE STABLE Light weight, rugged design, rapid adjustment, outstanding comfort: SWAROVSKI...

Only $399.00

Swarovski ATM or STM 65 HD Straight or Angled ON SALE

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ON SALE This HD version is the same as the standard model but the HD (High Definition) instruments help to eradicate the slightest chromatic zonal aberrations and contributes to a more faithful colour image. The benefit of HD glass is readily apparent when viewing in poor light and during photography thru the the HD models as colour correctness and resolution is better than with standard grade glass....

Swarovski ATM or STM 65 Spotting Scope Angled or Straight

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This standard glass version is ideal for use when frequently changing viewing location: these extremely easy to handle and compact telescopes have a robust magnesium housing and fully rubberised armouring which delivers unsurpassed performance offering all-round, colour-fidelity with strong contrast-rich images. Extremely detailed observation is the norm with a close focusing facility down to 3 m (10...

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