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Conduit 130

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The Conduit 13 is a paddler-friendly and unrestrictive kayak with enough stability for beginners to feel confident on a leisurely cruise, but features speed and tracking loved by those wanting longer paddles. A great boat for touring lazy rivers or doing some exploration on smaller lakes.

Only $799.00

Cove 14.5 Tandem

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More than a kayak with extra seats, the Cove 14.5T is a completely unique experience with families and partners in mind. Outfitting features a pair of ergonomic and comfortable seats with thigh padding and multiple adjustment options for both paddlers, including a movable bow seat that adjusts to pets, kids, or even for solo paddling. With performance on par with the swift and speedy Cove 13.5, it's...

Only $1175.00

Expression 11.5

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For anyone seeking a stylish, comfortable boat to take out for an afternoon paddle, the all new Expression 11.5 is the ideal answer. A sleek crossover between a recreational and touring kayak, the Expression 11.5 features a stable and maneuvrable design that is built to handle a multitude of water environments from lakes, ponds and bays, to slow rivers and mild coastal waters for the more experienced...

Only $1189.00

Expression 15.0

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The Perception Expression 15.0 kayak’s versatile 15-foot design offers an unbeatable blend of performance and comfort. The sit-in cockpit is sized to accommodate medium to large paddlers. Its superior stability is perfect for beginners, while experienced paddlers will enjoy its speed and handling. The longer length and larger cockpit adds even more speed, stability, and comfort, while also providing...

Only $1299.00

JoyRide 115

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Live it up and enjoy the ride in Perception’s latest lifestyle-inspired recreational kayak – the JoyRide! Featuring worry-free stability, super comfortable seating, quick and easy-access storage, and a convenient dashboard with Solo Mount accessory compatibility and the patent-pending Selfie Slot™ – a totally unique way to stage your smart phone and capture...

Only $1029.00
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