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Conduit 130

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The Conduit 13 is a paddler-friendly and unrestrictive kayak with enough stability for beginners to feel confident on a leisurely cruise, but features speed and tracking loved by those wanting longer paddles. A great boat for touring lazy rivers or doing some exploration on smaller lakes.

Only $839.00

Cove 14.5 Tandem

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More than a kayak with extra seats, the Cove 14.5T is a completely unique experience with families and partners in mind. Outfitting features a pair of ergonomic and comfortable seats with thigh padding and multiple adjustment options for both paddlers, including a movable bow seat that adjusts to pets, kids, or even for solo paddling. With performance on par with the swift and speedy Cove 13.5, it's...

Only $1175.00

Expression 11.5

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For anyone seeking a stylish, comfortable boat to take out for an afternoon paddle, the all new Expression 11.5 is the ideal answer. A sleek crossover between a recreational and touring kayak, the Expression 11.5 features a stable and maneuvrable design that is built to handle a multitude of water environments from lakes, ponds and bays, to slow rivers and mild coastal waters for the more experienced...

Only $1099.00

JoyRide 115

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Live it up and enjoy the ride in Perception’s latest lifestyle-inspired recreational kayak – the JoyRide! Featuring worry-free stability, super comfortable seating, quick and easy-access storage, and a convenient dashboard with Solo Mount accessory compatibility and the patent-pending Selfie Slot™ – a totally unique way to stage your smart phone and capture...

Only $1029.00

Perception Anchor Kit

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Keep your kayak from drifting off course while fishing or just taking a break. Galvanized construction with folding/locking four fluke design works on all types of bottoms. Comes with 30 feet (9.14 m) of anchor line, cleat with mounting hardware and handy storage bag. Weight: 3 lbs. (1.4 kg). Designed to perform well with all Perception sit-inside and sit-on-top recreational kayaks

Only $37.99
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