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Canon 10x30 Image Stabilizer IS II

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Canon's 10x30 IS Binoculars deliver outstanding optical performance and unparalleled image stabilization capabilities at a very affordable price. Whether you're sitting in the last stadium row or at the water's edge, you'll get a close-up view of the action with these contoured, lightweight binoculars. The 10x30 IS Binoculars are designed to fit perfectly in your hands. A textured rubber coating provides...

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Canon 10x42 Image Stabilizer WP

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The much-anticipated 10 x 42L IS WP is the first waterproof binocular to incorporate Canon's exclusive Image Stabilizer technology for steady, shake-free viewing. The high quality L series optics, featuring 2 Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) lens elements (on each side), delivers excellent correction for chromatic aberration. With a large lens diameter and a 4.2mm exit pupil diameter, this binocular provides...

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Canon 12x36 Image Stabilizer IS III

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Whether you're in search of a Red Winged Black Bird or watching a game from the bleachers, Canon's 12 x 36 IS II image stabilizer binoculars give you a great view. The Image Stabilization system features Canon's unique Vari-Angle Prism so images don't bounce and you get a clear sharp image. The power saving design of the 12 x 36 IS II gives you 4 hours of image stabilization, enough to take you deep...

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Canon 15x50 Image Stabilizer

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The 15x50 IS All-Weather is unique among high-magnification binoculars because they incorporate Canon's remarkable Optical Image Stabilizer technology. This revolutionary system employs a novel Vari-Angle Prism that instantly and continuously makes adjustments to maintain a steady image.

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Canon 18x50 Image Stabilzer

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With Canon's Optical Image Stabilizer, you can enjoy the full, remarkable resolving power of these binoculars without a tripod. You can even use the 18x50 IS from within a moving vehicle. The shake free performance not only enhances your ability to view fine detail but also reduces eyestrain and fatigue.

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