Kayaks F.A.Q.

What is the best kayak for me?

This is a loaded question! What makes one kayak perfect for me, could make it the wrong kayak for you! Things to consider are what are you planning on using it for? A kayak designed for fishing is almost certainly the wrong kayak for running white water routes and a kayak designed for expeditions would not be very enjoyable to fish out of. Figuring out what you want the kayak for is the first step in figuring out which kayak is right for you. Just as most people who enjoy cooking don’t limit themselves to one knife in their kitchen, you will likely end up with a few kayaks in your stable. Each for a different style of paddling!

I see my local big box store has kayaks for $300. Are they any good?

They are good at what they are designed for. They are designed to get people on the water for very little cost. But sacrifices have to be made to keep cost down. Generally, material quality, comfort and hull design are the first areas to go. This gives you a kayak that won’t paddle as efficiently or be as comfortable as a more expensive kayak and you may find that it doesn’t stand up to abuse quite as well. If you are on a budget and have the time, a used kayak will often give you a better experience. If the used market is barren, and as long as you are ok with the areas that the manufacturer has made sacrifices, then grab one of those kayaks and get on the water!